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Empire Blend - Espresso (250g)



Nelson Coffee’s house blend - Empire. Freshly roasted and delivered to your door. Ozone’s flagship espresso blend has constantly evolved over the years but the goal has always stayed the same – pack as much sweetness, chocolate and caramel into an espresso as possible, along with the most, rich, smooth silky body achievable.


Hodson Blend - Espresso (250g)



Ozone's Hodson Blend originates from Ethiopia, Guatemala and Colombia. Chocolate and citrus tones combined with a juicy acidity ensures a cup profile that can be enjoyed throughout the day and late into the evening. Expect flavour notes of honey, pineapple and wild berries.


El Yalcon, Colombia - Filter / Espresso (250g)



Another delicious coffee from Ozone, who have been buying from this region of Colombia for 3.5 years, directly impacting the lives of 450 farmers and their families in that time. This coffee is Caturra variety and processed using the fully washed method. Expect flavour notes of dark chocolate, lemon sherbet and lime.


Nitro cold brew (by Minor Figures) - 200ml


Brewed for 18 hours at the MF micro-brewery in East London using the finest single origin coffees. Contains only naturally occurring sugars found in oats - NO ADDED SUGAR Inside each can is a nitrogen widget that infuses the coffee with silky micro-bubbles for a creamy mouth feel and cascading texture.
Nitro cold brew - 200ml

Happy Happy Soy Boy


Soy Boy is a smooth, creamy and delicious Soy Milk that has been crafted to make the perfect latte but tastes great no matter how you like to use it. There are no artificial flavours, colours or gums, just the clean nutty taste that everyone loves. Vegan. Ingredients: Filtered Water, whole soybeans (min 15%), brown sugar, sea salt, mineral (calcium carbonate). Price is for a case of 6.
Happy Happy Soy Boy [case of 6]

Oatly barista milk


Oatly drink barista edition. This carton of barista edition oat drink is based on liquid oats which means it isn't overly sweet or excessively heavy. What it is, is fully foamable putting you in total control over the density and performance of your foam so you can showcase your latte art skills. Tastes just as amazing if you drink it straight or pour it on your granola or put it to work with your cooking skills. But let's keep that to us non-baristas, okay? Free from lactose, milk protein and soya. Vegan. Price is for a case of 6. --- SOLD OUT ---
Oatly barista drink [case of 6]

Sproud barista pea milk


Pea protein drink with added vitamins and calcium to foam. Powered by peas. Next level plant-based drink. From pea protein. Foamable and creamy. Milk, gluten and soy free. With calcium and vitamins. Low carbon footprint. Vegan. Price is for a case of 6.
Sproud barista pea milk [case of 6]

West Coast Cocoa Spiced Chai


Want to make a chai latte at home like the one you love at Nelsons? Then this is what you need! West Coast Cocoa Masala inspired Spiced Chai is blended from the finest ingredients. The recipe reflects the rich and steeped tradition of chai from its origins in the Himalayas and Southern Asia. It's a decadent blend of aromatic spices and exotic essences brewing a rich, smooth and full flavoured chai. Ingredients: Brown and White Sugar, Ground Spices (ginger, cinnamon, cardamon, cloves), Spiced Chai Flavour, Salt, Heilala Vanilla Extract
West Coast Cocoa Spiced Chai [250g]

West Coast Cocoa Deluxe Hot Chocolate


Want to make a hot chocolate at home like the one you love at Nelsons? Then this is what you need! West Coast Cocoa Deluxe is a rich complex hot chocolate, crafted with premium quality ‘Dutched’ cocoa sourced from the renowned cacao growing regions of West Africa. This region is blessed with a warm, dry climate, unique cacao varieties and high quality processing, resulting in cocoas with complex flavours. Look for notes of dried fruit, and a classic full bodied cocoa taste with a luxurious finish. Ingredients: Sugar, Dutched Cocoa, Sunflower Oil, Salt, Heilala Vanilla Extract
West Coast Cocoa Deluxe Hot Chocolate [250g]